Emerging SBO Summit

Illinois ASBO Emerging SBO Summit

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The day featured professional development geared to getting your career started with a strong foundation. Attendees heard from experienced SBOs about the topics that matter most in the field and expanded their professional network by spending time with other Illinois ASBO members. 


You Have to Know a Little Bit of Everything

"I would say the biggest challenge early in your career is juggling all the different hats we have to wear – transportation, food service, payroll, grants, accounts payable. You have to know a little bit of everything and there are so many different people who coming to you for advice or needing something.

The networking with Illinois ABSO has been great because it provides opportunities to discuss some of these issues with others at the same point in my career or the ones that have already arrived where I am looking to go. I can ask others who are already there how to prepare for the next step.”

– Daniel Oberg
Dir./Business Services, Wheeling CCSD 21

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