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National Food Group has been partnering with K-12 schools across the nation since 1990. We fuel the next generation with wholesome food that is healthy and on budget. Our mission is to provide our customers with creative food solutions while building long-lasting relationships.



Featured Product
Zee Zees
Zee Zees was born out of our love of providing healthier options that kids will truly enjoy! Wholesome ingredients, a full serving of fruit or veggies when we can, tied together in one big bursting-with-flavor bow - that’s what we’re all about. Favorite flavors and creative characters combine to drive increased participation and satisfy kids of all kinds - especially picky eaters.  Zee Zees are nut free and innovatively designed to meet school meal requirements.

Featured Product
The new school year is here, and we want to help you grow the excitement with Zee Zees! "Zeesources" are free printable downloads that you can use to help build brand awareness and make healthy food fun! Click here to view all available Zeesources:

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Michele Clark, RDN, SNS
K-12 Account Manager


Andrea Berczel
Relationship Specialist