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"Get in the Game"
     — with School Lunch Week

ILSNA Members: Please see the link below to a one page flyer to promote the upcoming National School Lunch Week (NSLW). This is the perfect opportunity to promote your NSLP for your students, staff and community. Invite parents to join their child(ren) at lunch, invite special guests from your community to assist in your cafeteria. Provide special giveaways to your students, decorate your cafeteria with various art and logos, banners and posters. "Get in the Game" and create your own ideas to advertise the value of School Lunch!

National School Lunch Week is the perfect opportunity to recognize the hardworking professionals in your school cafeterias. Celebrate this week for all your staff to remind everyone — directors, managers, parents, students, teachers, administration and your local community members that school nutrition employees are providing all school children with a Healthy Learning Environment and the Ingredients for Success.

In addition, a template was created for our members to use to send to your local newspaper to promote an upcoming event, special promotion, etc. for their Child Nutrition Programs. Remember to announce, advertise and share your ideas ahead of time!!

Also, a template was created for members to fill out after an event to send to the ILSNA Public Relations Committee for ILSNA to share with members via NewsGram and the ILSNA website.

ILSNA National School Lunch Week Flyer

ILSNA News Tip to Media Template

ILSNA News Tip to ILSNA PR Committee Template

STEPS Challenge

STEPS Challenge

The STEPS Challenge is a wellness program created just for school nutrition professionals!

The STEPS Challenge provides the resources and inspiration to help SNA members live healthier and happier, one step at a time. The Challenge is designed to make better health and wellness simple, fun, and attainable. Sign up for the free program and you'll gain access to recipes, exercise ideas, success stories, prizes, wellness tips, and more.

CD Cookbook

ILSNA's CD Cookbook

Due to the overwhelming response to our CD Cookbook offer, we have ordered more copies and are now ready to fill orders again. If you missed out last time it was available, click here to place your order before they're gone again!


Professional Standards for Child Nutrition Professionals

Professional Standards for Child Nutrition Professionals

With new professional guidelines being put into place it is more important than ever for you and your staff to have training available that is, concise, engaging and contains quality educational content. The ILSNA Professional Development Committee has searched and has found just that through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

This website allows school nutrition staff to search for training that meets their learning needs. Each listing contains information about the training, including how to access, develop, date and what learning objectives are covered and so much more!

If you have not had an opportunity to review the proposed rule, please visit the FNS Web site.

Fuel Up to Play 60 Funding Opportunities

Fuel Up to Play 60 Funding Opportunities

Plan for 2014-2015!

Looking for funding opportunities to improve the healthy eating and physical activity options in your school? Up to $4,000 per year is available to qualifying K-12 schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60 to kick start healthy changes. To qualify for the competitive, nationwide funding program, your school must participate in the National School Lunch Program and have a registered Program Advisor (that could be you!)

There are two rounds of funding this year. The deadlines are:

  • June 4, 2014
  • November 5, 2014

Enroll your school and check out the Playbook at www.fueluptoplay60.com. To get started, choose one Healthy Eating Play and one Physical Activity Play from the 2014-2015 Playbook. Additionally, schools can earn exciting rewards and incentives.

It Starts With School Breakfast Campaign

Join the It Starts With School Breakfast Campaign

Empower students to start each day with the fuel they need to succeed!

Visit www.StartWithSchoolBreakfast.com to find resources on how school breakfast can change lives and how you can help make breakfast available to all students.

  • Learn why school breakfast matters.
  • See how celebrities, NFL stars and others are supporting the campaign.
  • Access resources to help encourage your local school to start a breakfast program.
  • Find ways to help schools enroll in Fuel Up to Play 60 or further their involvement in the program.
  • Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SchoolBreakfast.

Participate in Midwest Dairy's It Starts with School Breakfast contest to showcase your school activities during National School Breakfast Week.

SNA Awards Program

SNA Awards Program

The SNA awards program is a great opportunity to highlight the outstanding and important work of SNA members and state affiliates!

Members and state affiliates are eligible for many awards and honors that recognize their achievements in school foodservice, leadership, membership recruitment and professional development. Each year SNA awards are presented to its outstanding leaders at the Annual National Conference during the State Awards Ceremony and General Sessions.

Competitive Foods Guidelines by State - September 2013

Competitive Foods Guidelines by State
September 2013

Competitive Foods are those available at school but are outside of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program. This includes foods and beverages sold in vending machines, school stores, or a la carte sections of the school cafeteria. If competitive foods are available, the Institute of Medicine recommends they consist of fruits, vegetables, whole grains products, and low‐fat and non‐fat dairy. The USDA recently announced the interim final rule for Smart Snacks which will go into effect for School Year 2014-2015. These Smart Snack rules will act as the base set of rules for the sale of competitive foods in schools. Many States currently have stricter competitive foods guidelines in place and will likely remain so even after the implementation of Smart Snacks. Please note that each school can implement even stricter rules via their school wellness policy. The link below is a summary of the current state of the States as can best be determined. As additional measures are passed, this document will be adjusted. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Child Nutrition Policy Center at SNA.

Cafeteria Site Visit 101

ILSNA – School Nutrition 101

Who We Are – The Illinois School Nutrition Association (ILSNA) and the School Nutrition Association (SNA) are organizations of over 55,000 school nutrition professionals. Membership in ILSNA/SNA offers a variety of benefits to help you meet the challenges in the ever changing profession of school nutrition.

Benefits Training and Educational Opportunities • Seminars and Workshops • Three Levels of Certification and Credentialing (School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) ) • Scholarships • Leadership Opportunities • Professional Networking • National and State Conferences • Updates on Current School Nutrition Issues • Updates on Current Legislative Issues • Links to Websites Pertinent to School Nutrition Professionals • Communication With Industry • Working hand-in-hand with industry to develop new products, systems and services to support the current challenges of school nutrition programs.

Healthy Students are Better Students

Healthy Students are Better Students

Healthy Students are Better Students
Nutrition + Physical Activity  = Improved learning

Midwest Dairy Council is pleased to announce the release of a new report, The Wellness Impact: Enhancing Academic Success Through Healthy School Environments.  The report helps make the case that health is not a competing priority to academic performance; in fact, healthy behaviors, including good nutrition and physical activity, can help students learn better.

The support of Illinois School Nutrition Association for Fuel Up to Play 60 has been instrumental to creating healthier schools – and healthier students.   Please read The Wellness Impact report at www.genyouthfoundation.org.  As members of Illinois School Nutrition Association we encourage you to further your leadership in this important conversation by:

  • Sharing copies of the report and the briefs with school administrators, parents and student leaders
  • Presenting the information to your local school board or PTA/PTO groups
  • Helping your school(s) wellness committee reinvigorate their existing school wellness program

The report will direct public attention toward the importance of school wellness and students’ readiness to learn, which includes the role of good nutrition and regular physical activity.

Cafeteria Site Visit 101

Cafeteria Site Visit 101

ILSNA Members — now would be a great time to start planning your events and send invitations to your U.S. Senators and Congress men and women to join you and your students for a breakfast or lunch. Show off your "upgrades and improvements" from the HHFKA and all of the creative ways you are motivating and inspiring children to take/eat fruits and vegetables! It would be a good time to ask for their support in the areas where the new act needs shoring up and modification – real life stories and experiences make a huge impact and can greatly influence future decision-making and votes. After the fall elections, all eyes are going to be on our nation's deficit, and no program will be held safe from potential cuts in the 2013 Legislative session. We need to bring our programs to life and educate, educate, educate our Senators and Representatives on our programs and why the funding and financial support is so desperately needed to support the health of our children and the future of our nation!.

SNA New Meal Pattern PR Toolkit

SNA's New Meal Pattern PR Toolkit

Helping School Nutrition Professionals Promote Their Programs

Exclusively for members, SNA has developed a New Meal Pattern PR Toolkit to help you get the word out to parents about the healthy changes in your school cafeterias. These simple resources will help you educate your community on the new nutrition standards for school meals and what they mean for your students.

History of School Lunch

President Harry S. Truman signed the National School Lunch Act on June 4, 1946. Though school foodservice began long before 1946, the Act authorized the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). The legislation came in response to claims that many American men had been rejected for World War II military service because of diet-related health problems. The federally assisted meal program was established as "a measure of national security, to safeguard the health and well-being of the Nation's children and to encourage the domestic consumption of nutritious agricultural commodities." 

Illinois School Nutrition Program Statistics